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The Full Story

Our Mission

At ActivEnviro, we bring together professionals from parks, recreation, preventive health, land management, education, and research, filling the gaps between allied disciplines. Our mission is to empower these individuals, fostering collaboration for thriving communities and promoting sustainable practices towards a healthier future.

SHIFT 2023 5.jpeg
SHIFT 2023 5.jpeg


We help Connect through our People & Boards – Allied Great Minds and Thought leaders, network Alliances & Sponsors, shared resources (information sharing, e-newsletters, research briefs, surveys, shared resources, dissertations, videos, and other articles.


Special thanks to BerryDunn – our continuing primary Organizational Sponsor for 2024! 


We Convene through our intentional gatherings and education - currently in comprising of:

Shift 2023 4.jpeg
SHIFT 4.jpg


We Collaborate as a resource, connector, potential fiscal agent, experienced facilitators, researchers, writers, trainers, educators, and strong project managers for various research and education initiatives, such as Operation Resiliency Response, the National Park Service Trails Calculator Project, the Healthy Communities Research Group, and more! What would you like to work on with us?

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