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ACtivenviro think tank 2024


November 21-22, 2024


San Antonio, Texas


300 Porter St, San Antonio, TX 78210

The 2024 ActivEnviro Think Tank

Since 2008, GP RED (now ActivEnviro) Think Tanks have provided an opportunity to engage with Thought Leaders in the fields of Parks, Recreation, Conservation, Land Management, Public Health, Tourism, Alternative Transportation, Academia, Allied Disciplines and the related associations and educators that support and serve them. The purpose of the Think Tank is to improve multi-sector communication and information sharing. 

As we evolve as ActivEnviro into our future, our mission is to fill the gaps in research, education and development for health, recreation, land management, and allied professionals. We help the professionals who help communities thrive. 

The ActivEnviro Think Tank is NOT a conference - it is an invitational interactive event for professionals who want to help identify our current challenges, discuss solutions, and try to help make a difference. Attendees are expected to commit to  attending all sessions of the Think Tank as they build upon each other over the 2.5 day immersive event. The program is carefully built by a committee based on emerging current themes. Each session consists of a 20 minute presentation to the Thought Leaders by a Topic Expert, 30 minutes of facilitated small group exploration to discuss innovations and solutions on the topic presented and 20 minutes to report the results of the small group findings. After a short break, a 30 minute “Deeper Dive” into the Topic is offered. Open networking is encouraged throughout the Think Tank, as we recognize these often sticky challenges will require collaboration to solve. Abstracts for each session will be created by invited Topic Experts and presentation materials will be provided electronically to all attendees.

Contact Dr. Teresa Penbrooke if you would like to be part of the organizing committee.

Sample program

Click here to see samples of past Thinks Thanks.

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“The variety and depths of viewpoints and thoughts shared, creates a type of holistic learning that is hard to find in other settings”

Thought Leader, GP RED Think Tank 2020

get involved

Please contact Teresa Penbrooke at for more information.
Invitations and more details will be available as we get closer to the event.


We are immensely grateful for our 2024 ActivEnviro Think Tank Sponsors! 
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