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Meet Our Team

We are a non-profit collaborative of great minds working together. Our dedicated staff and volunteer boards and committees are comprised of Thought Leaders who help govern and oversee policies, funding, and operations. The Operating Board meets monthly, acting as leaders, and faculty, and reviewing activities. The Advisory Board meets virtually quarterly contributing diverse industry expertise and serving as researchers, faculty, committee members, reviewers, and sharing influence in our allied fields.

Thank you to our Prior Operating Board Members - now Emeritus

ActivEnviro (formerly GP RED) would not exist without countless hours of from many distinguished and committed professionals since 2009.  The following prior Board Members and key staff have been instrumental in our creation and growth!  

  • Janet Bartnik, CPRE, Operating Board Emeritus

  • Chris Cares, co-founder and President - 2012 to 2022, Operating Board 2009 to 2022, currently on Advisory Board

  • David M. Compton, MS, MPH, Ed.D, FALS, Former Director, Healthy Communities Research Group, Advisory Board Emeritus

  • Chris Dropinski, CPRE, co-founder and President - 2009 - 2011, Operating Board 2009 - 2020, currently on Advisory Board

  • Cindy Heath, Former Executive Director, 2011 - 2015, Operating and Advisory Board Emeritus

  • Karla Henderson, PhD, Operating Board Emeritus

  • Donna Kuethe, CPRP, Former Executive Director, 2019 - 2023, now on Advisory Board

  • Lora Polowczuk, Operating Board Emeritus

  • Dirk Richwine, CPRE, Operating Board Emeritus

  • Jamie Sabbach, CPRE, co-founder, initial Executive Director - 2009 - 2010

  • Linda Smith, CPRP, Operating Board Emeritus

  • Lisa Wolff, CPRP, Operating Board Emeritus


If you are interested in serving on a GP RED board, CLICK HERE for more information.

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