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November 17-20, 2024


San Antonio, Texas


Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center, 8400 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, Tx 78231


November 17-20, 2024


San Antonio, Texas


Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center, 8400 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, Tx 78231

GOH (Formerly SHIFT) Call for Presentation Proposals

Research and practice presentation proposals related to issues at the intersection of outdoor recreation, conservation, environmental economics, social justice, and public health are invited for submission. We are interested in research, case studies, and practical ideas that illuminate how these issues can be addressed together through interdisciplinary collaborations, community partnerships, policy initiatives, or innovative approaches that integrate multiple perspectives and strategies. Proposals related to the following focus areas are encouraged, but it is not a requirement to address these topics.   


Focus Areas:  

  • Equity and Access to Nature  

  • Advocacy for Nature-Derived Health Services   

  • Conservation and Land Management  

  • Emerging and New Technologies 

  • Economic Impacts 

  • Fostering and Engaging Community  

  • Nature and a Healthy Environment as a Fundamental Right for Children and Adolescents 

  • Nature Immersion and Experiences  

  • Reducing Workplace Burnout and Personal Stress  

  • New Findings and Trends in Preventive Health Impacts  

  • Climate Crisis and Eco-Anxiety  

Presentation Types

Focus Proposals will be considered for the following presentation types:


  1. Poster - Presenters will display selected posters during a reception devoted exclusively to poster viewing with no competing programming. The poster session will provide an effective mechanism for dissemination and networking. 

  2. Speed Talk - Presenters selected for Speed Talk will deliver a brief presentation during a concurrent session. Session assignments will be made based on the proposal topic and each presenter will have a total of 8 minutes (6 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A). There will be time for a group discussion at the conclusion of the session. 

  3. Discussion Forum – These sessions aim to explore a topic from various angles. Each forum should include 2-4 presenters with relevant experience that can share their work during a 5-10 minute presentation related to the topic. Following the presentations, panelists and audience members will break into small groups for a dynamic and interactive discussion using the World Café Format [Link:]. We will leverage the collective wisdom of the group to explore solutions for challenges identified by the presenters.   

The following presenter options for Discussion Forums are available:  


  • Discussion Forum: Group – Submit a full session proposal with 2-4 presenters identified for your topic. Please designate a moderator for the Discussion Forum and be prepared to develop questions and lead the roundtable discussions. Should you need assistance in finding a moderator, organizers are available to help upon request. Authors submitting a full session proposal should provide the names and brief bios for each presenter. 

  • Discussion Forum: Individual – Submit your proposal for a Poster or Speed Talk online. During submission, you can indicate your interest in being considered as a presenter for a Discussion Forum. This will enable the selection committee to consider you for a forum presenter slot if your proposal aligns with a topic and space permits.  


You will be asked to select a preferred presentation type in the online submission system. A selection committee will decide what presentation type each proposal will be invited for based on reviewer scores/recommendations. 


We are pleased to announce that continuing education units (CEUs) will be offered for select sessions. Authors proposing a roundtable discussion panel will be asked to provide a brief session outline in addition to the proposal. Details can be found in the online submission system.   


Submission Guidelines:  


Authors must submit proposals electronically through the online submission system by 11:59 pm PT on July 8, 2024 and are required to adhere to the following guidelines:   

  • All applicants will use the same link to access the online submission system. 

  • All proposals are required to use the following headings: Background and Purpose, Learning Objectives, Methods/Approach, Outcome/Results, Conclusions and Implications, References (optional), and Support/Funding Source (if applicable). 

  • Proposals must use the template in the online system and follow the format instructions. 

  • The maximum proposal length is one single-spaced page. Do not change the font (Calibri, 11 point) or margins (1 inch) of the template. 

  • There is no limit on the number of proposals an author may submit. 

  • At least one author must register for the conference and attend in person to present an accepted proposal.  

  • The room will be equipped with a computer, projector, screen, and podium. We will do our best to support any other audio-visual needs, which can be requested when you submit your proposal.  

  • The proposal deadline is 11:59 pm PT on July 8, 2024.  


Review Process:  


Proposals will undergo blind review by a committee from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. Selection for presentation is based on the quality of the research or project, clarity of the proposal, relevance, and adherence to the guidelines. Presentation type will be determined by review score and reviewer recommendation.  


Decisions regarding acceptance will be made by the end of July and the submitting author will be notified via email. Expenses associated with the submission, preparation, and presentation of the proposal are the responsibility of the presenters. If you have questions prior to the submission deadline concerning your presentation proposal, please contact Amanda Walker at  


For revisions or queries regarding proposals already submitted 

If you do not receive acknowledgment for your proposal submission or wish to make any essential revisions to a proposal already submitted, please do not resubmit your proposal, as this may lead to duplication. Please email the convening coordinator, Amanda Walker, at with details of any revisions or queries. Please quote your reference number if you have one.  


“I am leaving this Summit with so many examples of cross-sector collaboration for equity and access.”

2022 SHIFT Attendee


We are immensely grateful for our 2024 Global Outdoor Health Summit sponsors!
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